Leslie Cheng

CZI HQ Brand Installations


CZI Branded Art Installations

To help Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) employees feel more invested in their daily work and more connected to CZI’s key initiatives (Education, Science, and Social Justice + Opportunity), I was contracted by the creative agency Imprint Projects as a Designer and Art Director. With a core team of Strategists, Producers, and a Creative Director, we brought to life the people, projects, and partnerships impacted by CZI through a series of 4 installations within their offices.

By column

  1. “Whole Child” Education Mural — sign painters Heather Hardison & Ashley Fundora
    2. “Comeback Portraits” of Formerly Incarcerated — illustrator
    Carissa Potter
    3. “Affordable Housing” Statistic Lenticulars — fabricator
    4. (Bottom row) “Female Scientist Spotlight” Pegboards — photographers
    Shelby Duncan, Kayana Szymczak, and Hannah Yoon

Project team: Chloë Greene, Tripp Gobble, Nina Sers, Lauren Matthews, Jaade Wills.

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images courtesy of Imprint Projects